We have at our disposal a wide range of materials and machinery for assembling and plasticizing any print format. Our equipment includes a cutting and finishing department for regular panels and composite materials. All products are available in our warehouse, ready to satisfy all your needing.

PVC 1mm – 3mm – 5mm

PVC fireproof sheet. From a standard size of 300x200cm to a maximum size of 400x200 cm. It is quite suitable to create panels for fairs, shows or commercial exhibitions. It can be easily exposed to weather conditions when the print is prepared for exteriors.

PlastiBond 3mm

Sandwich material with a synthetic material covered with two varnished aluminum sheets. With its good stiffness it is suitable to support a Fine Art Print to be shown in higher level events such as museums, art galleries. Its coefficient of expansion is quite low.

PlastiSmart 10mm – PlastiBlok 15mm – PlastiLeger 20mm

Sandwich material with 10mm/15mm/20mm depth and a max size of 300x200 cm, it is composed of a foam core covered by two PVC 1mm sheets. Extremely light and stiff they can hold their selves with a simple base support. The panel border can be covered by a white or black finishing.

Aluminum 1mm (10/10)

1mm Aluminum sheet with a maximum size of 400x150 cm. It assures high quality in assembling and it is particularly suggested to support Fine Art Prints because of its crushproof quality. It is totally neutral to any temperature because of its very low expansion coefficient.

Aluminum 1,2mm (12/10) Anodizzato

1,2mm (12/10) anodized aluminum sheet with a maximum size of 250x150 cm. Suitable for extreme weather conditions or as passepartout on pictures centered on the panel.

Plexiglas 3mm

Transparent sheet (Opal if needed) suitable for retro-illuminated prints.

RetroPlexiglas 3mm

Assembling system that protects the print under a 3mm Plexiglas. The system used for application and the Plexiglas itself give an excellent light transmission quality which raises the depth sensation and improves color contrast and visual quality of details. Assembling includes a UV filter which blocs all harmful radiations. Compared to all other assembling systems this one guarantees the best light protection ever, conserving the print in time.


Application on canvas of pictures printed on Coated Photographic Paper. The print will adopt the typical weave of an oil painted picture. They fit perfectly together, the image as a painting. Transferring images on canvas includes a further customization by applying a frame.


Your prints can be applied on our panels and protected with high quality glossy or opaque films. This films are both available for interior of exteriors, with UV filters and scraping resistant.

PlastiMetal Frames 20mm – 38mm

Framing system that comes in a black and anodized aluminum color. It is suitable to be used multiple times because of its ready to use little junction squares that eases panel exchanges. This frames support different panel depths by compacting the included springs. Frames are handy when it is needed to stiffen large format panels.